Lately I have been playing around with sunset time lapse photography with iPhone. So far, I found that I get best results using application iLapse which you can get for free in AppStore (iTunes iLapse link).

Sunset time lapse photography video

Here is sunset time lapse photography video I made from a sequence done on 6th Nov. What really fascinates me is how, just before sun completely sets, you get impression that it rises again. This effect confused me at first, so I went back to edit it to sort photos chronologically, but to my surprise they were in order. So after watching it again, I saw that this effect is actually the moment just before sun completely sets due to light spherical aberration.
Sequence has 101 photos taken at 20 second intervals. Video is made at roughly 5 photos per second. Watching in low quality is not so great experience. 🙁
I guess this is due to YouTube compression, since I uploaded 1080i quality.
I made this particular video using Corel Video Studio, not the iLapse video mode.

I had fun doing it, and sure will explore and play with it more… Well what do you think about it?

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